Customer Success Case Study 1: “How soon can you be here?”

It is not uncommon for JIT to receive calls from prospective customers—in the middle of a job or large project—who may not be fully satisfied with their current vendor.

We recently received such a call from a prominent client who found themselves working with another on-site service provider on a major project. While this provider had given them an excellent rate, they were not exactly living up to the contracted service commitment. Needless to say, the client was unhappy, and wanted to make a change. 

We quickly provided a quote for taking over the work, alongside several other lower bidders. When met with hesitancy after receiving our final numbers, our team felt the need to take the opportunity to remind our client that it is our company’s purpose to make THEM look good. We were open, honest, and sincere as we expressed our genuine concern that if they went with the low bidder again, they may find themselves dissatisfied and in the same situation down the road. More so, in addition to their dissatisfaction in the overall service and commitment of these lower-priced vendors, our client would run the risk of damaging trust with THEIR client. Having experienced our level of service in the past, they knew we didn’t “just talk the talk,” and quickly responded, “How soon can you be here?”

The very next day we mobilized 9 trucks and 50 units to the site with a total of 70+ units by the end of the week… and our field team driving onto the site to a standing ovation. 

This proves service matters. We know that you can get a portable restroom just about anywhere, however you will not beat our commitment to safety, cleanliness and customer service. We have a dedicated field team who are out there working hard to ensure our customers succeed. They are the reason we are JIT.

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