Customer Success Case Study 3: “We are good at what we do—winning the trust and confidence of our customers!”

The JIT team was called on again in 2020 to replace another vendor mid-job. Openly frustrated, the customer complained about escalating costs and incredibly low service and needed to make a change. We knew we were the answer he was looking for.  

Our Regional Manager responsible for the client’s project received this email shortly after JIT replaced the previous vendor: 

Per our conversation:
My two Superintendents in South Dallas are well pleased with JIT’s service.
Response has been great!!
Now, to new business.” 

At JIT we understand service, and we understand the needs of our customers. We are good at what we do, and we don’t mean that to be arrogant! Our field team is the best in the business and each team member is committed to the highest standards of excellence, attitude, and execution to deliver extraordinary results for our customers—helping them win for their clients.

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