On-Site Services: Safety First!

Is Your Porta Potty Supplier Meeting the Needs of Your Construction Project?

It’s the most important piece of equipment on your job site. It’s used 5-6 times per day, every day, and by every member of your crew. 

Of course, we are talking about your portable restrooms. If you haven’t given them much thought recently or take them for granted, that’s exactly how the leadership team at Just in Time Rentals likes it. Having a safe and secure place to go to the bathroom should be as easy as a signature approval.  

As projects come back up to full speed after this pandemic, let’s set the record straight about what makes portable restrooms and your crew safe.

Here’s what Austin Thompson, CEO of Just in Time Services & Rentals, and an on-site construction sanitation industry expert has to say: “The pipeline and environmental construction crews we work with have always taken safety seriously. But now, restroom safety has been added to the long list of concerns for the safety leadership and on-site personnel. Nobody wants to transmit a harmful or even deadly virus because they neglected to take some basic precautions or worked with the wrong restroom vendor.” 

In addition to the company’s responsibility to provide a safe environment, there is also a financial risk if the virus spreads among your crews. It can very well shut down your entire site which could cost millions of dollars. 

Thompson has a plan they’ve executed for years that should become the standard for the industry. 

“Here at JIT, we have a proven process to ensure a healthy client worksite. Ideally, we start communication with clients as the projects are in the planning stages. It’s at this point we account for the number of restrooms, the number of technicians that will service the units,  and of course, the appropriate amount of handwashing stations. As part of the onboarding process, we’ll work with the construction/safety team to get the details of the job including start dates, project scope, specific on-site needs, and other factors to work up a customized solution to meet our clients’ needs. Our most important question to our clients is, what does success look like? The answer to this becomes our goal for the entire project.”

Once the equipment is mobilized, they have a dedicated field team that is on site and integrates with the construction crew. Their only job is to make sure that we are delivering the results the customer is looking for. Our service techs are focused on restrooms that are continuously clean, moving equipment to support construction operations, and exceeding all safety protocols. Perhaps most notable, our techs stay out of the way and let managers focus on the construction tasks at hand. “Our clients just want to know restrooms for their crew are taken care of. They have more important things to worry about,“ adds Hank Dallam, President of Just in Time. 

Safety has and will continue to be paramount for JIT and their clients. For that reason, JIT technicians attend the client’s morning safety briefings, hold their own safety meetings, and are trained in OSHA and site-specific safety protocols. 

What construction superintendents may not realize is that behind the scenes there are logistical issues around sanitation and disposal of human waste that have to happen at regular intervals regardless of how remote the job location is. We embed our team with our clients’ team to collaborate on all aspects of the on-site services. Technicians lodge nearby and sometimes even in the same location as the crew themselves. They make sure trucks are continuously moving to deliver fresh water and haul out sewage.

Everyday technicians are working through a checklist and servicing units by power washing, restocking toilet paper, and sanitizing surfaces with a virus-killing disinfectant. When all that’s done, they start the process over again. It’s a continual, effective process and central to the level of service Just in Time provides for its clients.

Thompson concludes, “It’s not the most glamorous job in the world, and rarely does it come with accolades, but our technicians enjoy what they do and love to contribute to overall project success. Everyone on the site deserves clean and virus-free restrooms so they can stay healthy and focused to get the job done.” 

The most important piece of equipment on the job site can also be the safest. 

About Just In Time Service & Rentals:

Since 2012 Just In Time Services & Rentals has been providing top-tier on-site rental products and services for the oil & gas pipeline and renewable energy construction industry. JIT services some of the nation’s largest construction companies across the Southwest region (NM, TX, OK, LA), and across the United States.  From the beginning, JIT’s focus has always been to go above and beyond for clients and it’s the obsession around customer service that continues to fuel the Company’s growth. The company is led by co-owners Austin Thompson (CEO) and Hank Dallam (President). Combined they have over 25 years of experience in the oil and gas and renewable energies construction industries.

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